Food Run

Those who live on the street have many needs: first and foremost is the need to protect themselves from cold and hunger. By assisting those who sleep on the street, we can help prevent them dying from these hardships. For this reason since the beginning of the Eighties, groups of members of the Community go and visit the homeless inside railway stations or where ever they take shelter for the night, in order to give them something to eat and something warm to drink, together with covers and other necessities. These occasions provide the homeless not only with protection, but also a visit.

The Community administers food runs all over the world. Here in the United States the Communities in New York and Washington DC hold weekly food runs.


New York:

Join us every Tuesday at 6 pm at Grand Central Terminal. For more information on the preparation of meals and how to get more involved please contact Paola Piscitelli

Washington DC:

Join us every Friday at 6 pm to share meals and conversation with the homeless in DuPont and Foggy Bottom. To learn more, visit this webpage: Friendship on the Street. Contact, if you are interested in joining. You can also sign up for a weekly email, by registering through our Google Group.