The first “work” of the Community of Sant’Egidio is prayer. By reading the Scriptures and placing them at the center of their lives, the young people who began the Community were challenged to live a more authentic life. They discovered the invitation to become disciples of His, which is the same invitation that Jesus gives to all generations. It is a call to conversion, a call to not live a life spent just for oneself and instead be instruments of a broader love for everybody, for all men and women, but above all for the poorest ones. Listening and Living the Word of God as the most important thing in one’s own life means to accept that one should follow Jesus, rather than oneself

The most authentic picture is the community in prayer, gathered to listen to theWord of God. It is like the family of disciples gathered around Jesus. Prayer is a pathway to becoming familiar with Jesus’ words and with his prayer, together with the prayer of the generations that came before us. At the same time, through a unanimous and devoted prayer (Acts 2:42) we present to the Lord theneeds of poor people, our own needs and the needs of the whole world.

That is why, in Rome and in all other cities where the Community serves, it also gathers as frequently as possible to pray together. In every city there is a common prayer open to everybody. Each
member of the community is also expected to find a significant space for personal prayer and for reading the Scripture in his/her life, beginning with the Gospe

We invite you to join the Community closest to you in their daily prayer. You may also follow the Everyday Prayer of the Community online or by downloading the Word of God App on your phone.