A Delegation of the Community visits the welcoming centers at the border between Mexico and the United States

usa migrants

usamigrants3In August, some members of the Community of St. Egidio in the United States visited the centers at the border between Texas and Mexico to bring the solidarity of the Community and to explore ways in which we can help.

In recent months there has been a steady stream of minors traveling alone and seeking refuge from the increasing violence, especially from El Salvador and Honduras. Their number is more than 60,000.

After a long and dangerous travel on train cars, “the Beast ‘, from which many fall losing their lives or remaining severely disabled, they have to cross desert areas and the river in order to reach the United States.

usamigrants2Those who manage to pass are usually gathered in detention centers and then sent off in different cities of the United States, where their case will be discussed finally.

Particularly touching was the visit with a friend of the School of Peace of San Salvador who arrived in the United States with her 4 years old niece. While the child was reunited with her mother, she is still in a detention center, a veritable prison, waiting for her case to be analyzed and a decision to be taken whether to welcome her application or send her back.

The visits and letters she has received have been a source of hope for her and for many others who felt the Community especially close in a time when they are abandoned and alone after all the difficulties they faced.