#threedayswithoutborders: The Great Summer Party for integration in the young of Sicily and around the world

13901451_651062378385832_3934203185951028658_nThree days without borders, in its third edition, is the first ever three-day course of games, integration and fun, organized by the Community of Sant’Egidio and Youth for Peace.

The name of the manifestation captures in it the profound message, which the three days are intended to promote.

Three humane days, active days, days so essential that are often instead used to stop the emergence of kinder feelings, such as friendship, sympathy between people, solidarity, the desire to be together and to do good while still having fun. Borders are also those which put us in front of some of the poorest of our cities, making us see evident inhumanity, and make it very difficult for migrants to reach the promised land.

The frontiers that many migrants have chosen to try and cross in a boat. In this manner the Youth for Peace of the Community of Sant’Egidio, many other youth from various cities in Europe, and hundreds of youth living in the cities where the games took place, in these three days of manifestation would like to give to Catania a free space, where living together, living in friendship without borders, creates a real integration with everyone together, like one large team, with the universal language of game, that allows us to confront the issues which are defining the face of Europe today.

13920599_652137914944945_6836637880504629116_nItalians and migrants together, in these three days of games, want to demonstrate that welcoming is becoming integration and that integration bings benefits to the entire population.

The most important moment of #threedayswithoutborders was August 10 when the lives of six African migrants will be remembered, whose lives were tragically taken on August 10, 2013 during a boat landing on the coast of Catania. This landing exposed, for the first time, in the reception of the survivors, numerous young men and women who gave start to the vacation of welcoming in the city of Catania, where#3dayswithoutborders took place.

#3days withoutborders gave life to a compelling competition between our teams, made up of Italians and migrants, putting them through physical tasks testing their cunningness and skill, but a competition in which the only thing that won was a new model for society. A model of a society less angry, more festive, integrated and therefore inherently more European.

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