Welcoming Migrants from Africa

On August 24 Sant’Egidio in NYC offered a workshop on the legal system of immigration in the US, in collaboration with Cabrini Immigrant Services. The workshop, translated in French, was primarily with and for a group of migrant men we have met during our distributions around Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan. This workshop and our regular meetings are part of welcoming them with the intention of making them feel at home, even in a difficult city like NYC.

They hail from Mali, Senegal and Mauritania and have arrived to New York through a long and difficult trip through Brazil, Nicaragua, Central America, and Mexico. As part of the larger movement of peoples recently arrived to the city, they have not been able to access all the resources necessary to thrive – something complicated by their language barrier.

They came in the hope of a better life, and Sant’Egidio is eager to accompany them as part of our conviction that a better city and world are possible in the light of the Gospel, which entreats us to treat one another as brothers and sisters. We are looking forward to strengthening this relationship with our new friends and companions.