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Boston School of Peace field trip to Boston Common: Leobel, Laura, Jazz, Liz, Mariama, Contessa, Penelope, Lukas, and ChrismelinThe School of Peace offers a family-like environment which supports children and adolescents in their scholastic efforts free of charge. Worldwide, the Schools of Peace welcome more than a hundred thousand children regularly, in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. The children who attend the Schools face many and diverse problems: illiteracy, academic failure and truancy, gangs, cultural vacuums, discrimination, poverty, war, malnutrition, sexual and economic exploitation, lack of care, family problems, and even abandonment. It is not only the lives of children who live in the poorest parts of the world which are difficult. Often children who live in the wealthiest parts of the world may experience a deep struggle in finding their way in society. This is where the work of our Schools of Peace come in; we want to solidly and faithfully support the growth of these children. The Schools help families in their efforts to raise their children and propose an educational model open to people of all kinds, promoting solidarity with the less fortunate and enabling children to overcome social barriers and discrimination.

Dove of Peace IN BOSTON

In Boston, the School of Peace was started in November of 2002. It is a free of charge after-school program that runs year-round. The 'School' is run on Saturday mornings at the Our Lady of Lourdes School in Jamaica Plain. During the summer time, we frequently take the children on field trips. The children who attend are mainly Hispanic, and range from kindergarten to fourth grade. The challenges of immigrant families can be many, and the environment the children grow up in can often be blind to their needs. The people of the Community who run the School of Peace work with the children's parents and teachers to give the children the academic and personal support they need. The belief and commitment of the Community to peace is also reflected in the educational activities we organize with the children, encouraging in them a more socially conscious and globally aware thinking, and a greater awareness of peace.

Contessa, Jazz, and Maraya
Mariama and Penelope on the swan boats

Christmas Party at Connolly House: Molly, Jazz, and Maraya

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