Change at the Border

“Those who build walls will become prisoners of the walls they build up”

– Pope Francis

Many immigrants come to the United States seeking greater economic opportunity. Most people are leaving South America because of unemployment, the lack of money for food and basic necessities, and the need for a better job, salary, or working conditions.

In order to get to the United States, people have to cross dangerous environments. Often, many die along the way by wild animals, drowning, diseases, and other reasons. Those who do make it see a harsh reality.

In response to this crisis, the School of Peace wants to help those in need. The School of Peace is a school where we welcome everyone to build a safer and joyful community. We are a group of people that take care of each other and help those around us. We are a mix of middle schoolers and young adults that have a dream for the world to be a better place.

In order to achieve this dream everyone has a role to play. Ours is to raise money and change the reality immigrants encounter. The money we fundraise will be used to purchase basic necessities such as hygiene products, clothes, and other items. These items will be brought to Reynosa by other members of Sant’Egidio.

We need your help!