Humanitarian Corridors

What are humanitarian corridors?

It is a pilot project, created by Sant’Egidio in collaboration with the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy and the Waldensian Church, which aims to avoid trips in barges – which have caused so many deaths, especially among children, prevent the exploitation of human traffickers who do business off those who flee from wars, and grant people in vulnerable conditions legal entry into the Italian territory. The provided humanitarian visas provide the necessary controls needed by the Italian authorities.

Once arrived in Italy, the refugees are welcomed by our associations: where they learn Italian and are aided in their search for a job.

Between February and May, we have been able to safely bring more than two hundred people; Syrians fleeing the war, who were living in refugee camps in Lebanon. The project foresees the arrival of a thousand people over two years.


How do they work?

The Humanitarian corridors are the result of a agreement between Sant’Egidio, Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy, the Waldensian Church, and the Italian government.

Each associations sends volunteers who make direct contact with refugees in the countries involved in the project. Those volunteers then prepare a list of potential beneficiaries to be transmitted to the Italian consular authorities, who, after inspection by the Italian Interior Ministry, issue humanitarian visas with limited territorial validity, therefore valid only for Italy.


How are they funded?

Humanitarian corridors are financed entirely by the associations that have promoted them:

Otto per Mille of the Waldensian Church, Tennis with Stars, and other fundraising initiatives have contributed greatly to the program. Humanitarian Corridors are also financed by the generosity of members of the organizations and others. Please DONATE today to help the cause.


To Learn More

Please visit the Humanitarian Corridors page on the main Sant’Egidio site.