Long Distance Adoption


September of 1998, the Community of Sant’Egidio has run a long-distance adoption program in several countries around the world.

adoptionWhat does long-distance adoption entail?

Long-distance adoption entails the funding and support for several key aspects of a child’s life including:

  • Health (medical visits and purchasing medicines)
  • School (payment of any school fees as well as money needed to buy any school materials)
  • Nutrition
  • Birth Registration
  • Clothing, games, and any other support for the family


Choose Your Type of Long-Distance Adoption:

Individual Adoption: With 26 Euros every month you can support a single child who is in the Community. You will receive a story and a picture of a child, chosen by the entire community.

Adoption of a Family in the DREAM Program: For 20 Euros a month, you help fund the medical and nutritional costs of an entire nuclear family, enrolled in the DREAM Program. You will receive the family’s story as well pictures of some of the family members.

Community Adoption: With 15 Euros a month it is possible to sustain a group of children in a group (nutritional center, institute, or at a home with a family). You will receive pictures and news on the Center that you are supporting.

Adoption of “Mother and Child” within the DREAM Program: With a monthly donation of 30 Euros you can provide antiretroviral treatment to a pregnant women, who is HIV-positive; allowing her child to be born free of AIDS.

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Long-Distance Adoption is very easy:

  1. Complete this module; specifying what kind of adoption you wish to take part in
    1. If you would like to make a long-distance adoption in someone else’s name please complete this form
  2. Once we receive your request we will send you all of the necessary information concerning the form of adoption you chose and your preferred method of payment [/showhide]


Frequently Asked Questions

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Once the adoption is set up, you will receive updates and pictures of the child, family, or center that you have chosen to support twice a year along with any news and updates on the Community, the country, and any ongoing projects. [/showhide]

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Long-distance adoption does not have an end date: it is designed to last until the child is grown and capable of providing for him/herself. If one finds that he/she can no longer afford the adoption, it is possible to stop the long-distance adoption, provided that it was signaled three months before stopping payment as to ensure that the child could received another adopter. [/showhide]

[showhide type=”link2″ more_text=”How does payment work and is it tax deductible?” less_text=”How does payment work and is it tax deductible?”]

You can pay the adoption fees with whatever frequency you choose as long as it is specified. The monthly fees can also be paid in a single, annual fee or another agreed upon arrangement.

The payment must be made solely to the account number dedicated to long-distance adoptions.

You may follow the progress of your adoption and the payment you have made by connected to “Online Adoption”

The amounts paid are tax deductible. Keep a copy of the payment and you can deduct them from your taxes in your tax returns. [/showhide]


So far there have been around 9,000 long-distance adoption with children from:

Albania, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Chad, Colombia, Congo, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Haiti, India, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Indonesia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Pakistan, Peru, Rwanda, Ukraine, Uganda, and Vietnam