Stories of Our Elderly

As part of the #saveourelderly campaign we have collected the names of some of the many elderly that we have met over the last years. We have met them all in various moments and places in life; nursing homes, hospitals, and at home. Through a faithful friendship, a deep bond was formed that has accompanied us as much as we have accompanied them.

We begin our stories with Margie, one of the first we met in New York A strong, 74 year-old woman at the time, who went to visit her brother every day at the nursing home we visited and prayed at. 27 years later, at 101, Margie is a rock of the New York community and […]

When we met Anne she was on her wheelchair, paralyzed on her left side because of a very serious stroke. In spite of her serious condition she was quite strong and pushed herself around: she would know whatever was happening on the floor, the good and the bad, and all about the people who were living […]

We met Iris many years ago in a nursing home, but for the last ten years she has been living back home in her own apartment – passed down through generations in her family. Returning home opened the possibility for many new experiences and friends. […]

We met Commrny at age 90, praising and blessing everyone in the nursing home. Loved and known by everyone on her floor and in the building, Commrny’s life and love illuminated the room. Even in the depths of the sad, grey walls of the nursing home, she brought life. […]

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