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Building bridges through friendship

Sant’Egidio is a global Christian movement of volunteer communities focused on service to the poor, peace-building, and prayer. Sant’Egidio serves those who are most in need –  the homeless, at-risk children, elderly, and prisoners.


  • Thanksgiving with all!
    Still in the difficulties of the pandemic the Community of Sant’Egidio in New York City has gathered with our friends […]
  • Holy Mass in Memory of Steven
    For the first time in New York City, we celebrated the Liturgy in Memory of Steven, one of our first […]
  • Humanity and Dignity for All
    The Community of Sant’Egidio in the United States expresses deep indignation for the harsh treatment of thousands of Haitian migrants […]
  • It’s Time to End This
    Empathy from a distance only gets you so far. Like reading about the latest shooting and reaffirming to yourself or […]
  • Annual Summer Picnic 2021
    On 19 June, on a very hot day, but cooled in the shade of the trees of Central Park, the Community […]