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Sant’Egidio is a global Christian movement of volunteer communities focused on service to the poor, peace-building, and prayer. Sant’Egidio serves those who are most in need –  the homeless, at-risk children, elderly, and prisoners.

Ongoing Projects

End to Gun Violence: For more than ten years, Sant’Egidio has been remembering those who are killed due to gun violence in the United States. Every other month, in several cities around the country, we remember by name those who died.

House of Solidarity: After 30 years, Sant’Egidio is opening our House of Solidarity in New York City. The space will serve as headquarters for all our communities, but also as a place of welcome for our friends.

Foundation for Peace and Dialogue: is an addition to the Rome Initiative, an office of Sant’Egidio dedicated to facilitating and medlating peace.