Friends on the Street

In all big cities many people, for various reasons, are forced to live on the street. Contrary to popular belief, living on the streets is almost never by choice. Each week, members of Sant’Egidio, following the example of the Good Samaritan in the Gospel parable, go and visit the homeless inside railway stations or where ever they take shelter for the night, in order to give them something to eat and something warm to drink, together with covers and other necessities.


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If you are in New York, Washington DC, or Chicago and are interested in helping please sign up here

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Several episodes of intolerance and violence towards these people have made us reflect on the situation of neglect and danger in the lives of these poor people. We were particularly struck by the story of Modesta, an elderly homeless lady who we met at Rome’s Central Station. Modesta died without medical help because she was dirty and the ambulance crew didn’t want to treat her. In her memory, every year the Community celebrates a liturgy in memory of Modesta and all of those who die on the streets.

Join us in the coming weeks at Our Savior Parish for the Liturgy of Modesta, which will remember all of the homeless who have died on the streets of New York in the last year.

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