Solidarity Project

The Sant’Egidio Solidarity Project is the Community of Sant’Egidio’s formal continuing care program. Through our many services, it has become clear that many people in our cities often struggle to navigate the complex systems that purport to assist them.

From accessing benefits to recovering identification, from communicating with social workers to organzing health care, it is often too much for any single person, much less one in a vulnerable state, to manage.

Inspired by the Good Samaritan, the Sant’Egidio Solidarity Project links individuals on a personal level to serve as constant members of care coordination. These individuals fill roles ranging from appointment accompaniment to health care visits, from financial literacy courses to organizational referalls.

The Solidarity Project and its members also recognize that other people who are serving the individual may benefit from the Solidarity Project member’s assistance. For example, the case manager of a person residing in a shelter may find, in the Sant’Egidio Solidarity Project person, a helpful liason who can ease communication, facilitate cooperation, and provide additional resources and support. In this respect, our members are adept with working with care teams of all kinds, from medical to social and everything in between.

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