Wallenberg Prize to the Community of Sant’Egidio for its commitment against all forms of racism and hospitality to refugees

In Hungary, the Wallenberg PrizeAssociation of Raoul Wallenberg and the Ministry of Human Resources gives an award to civil associations, persons, and ecclesial communities who work for excluded social groups, against prejudice and all forms of racism .
January 17, 1945, the date on which the award is given, also remembers the day in which the world lost track of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat in Budapest who had saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust .

This year the prize was awarded to Peter Szoke, as head of the Sant’Egidio Community. His candidacy was supported by the archbishop Cardinal Péter Erdo of Budapest .

Premio_Wallenberg_A_SantEgidio_In_Hungheria_20161In the spirit of the prize, the committee stressed the solidarity activities he carried out together with the Community to the homeless, the elderly in nursing home, as well as the intense commitment to promote a culture of peace among young people by holding conferences and marches commemorating the deportation of Jews and the murder of Kisléta Porrajimos, one of the most serious episodes expressing strong anti-gypsy sentiments that has occurred in Hungary .
In addition, particular importance was placed on the Community’s commitment to the welcoming and support of refugees.

The ceremony was attended by two Holocaust survivors, Béla Varga and Éva Fahidi , who, despite being quite advanced age, collaborate with Sant’Egidio, offering their witness to young people about the extermination of Jews.