Easter 2019

I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.” Lk 22:15

We are walking together towards Easter, the center of our Christian life. It is the most precious time in our life and we would like to live it together welcoming the invitation of Pope Francis who in his homily of November 18, 2018 said that we need to turn “To God by praying, and to those in need by loving. These are the true treasures in life: God and our neighbour. And this is the road Jesus tells us to take: to go up to God and to come down to our brothers and sisters.”

In this spirit, as a Community of Sant’Egidio, we would like to offer everyone opportunities to pray and reflect in the Holy Week and to serve the poor together: opening our heart to the Lord who speaks to us.

Please join us in our Easter celebration in these following cities: