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A Thanksgiving Without Walls

Once again, we have celebrated Thanksgiving with many friends of all ages and paths of life. Hosted by Epiphany Church we enjoyed a beautifully decorated hall with wonderful food and great company. 

We reaffirmed that “At Sant’Egidio we believe and work for a world without walls. we do not like the walls that separate one from the other: the big walls that separate one country from the other, pushing back people seeking safety and a better life, or the small walls of our lives that make us look at our neighbor with suspicion. Walls leave us poorer and more alone; they deprive us of the richness and love that come from others, from everyone. We believe and are glad to experience a life in which we build bridges along which we encounter each other and discover the beauty of being together.” 

Our good friend Richard said, “I know the Community for nine years now and you really see in them the living of the Gospel; they do it seriously.” 

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We are all eagerly getting ready for our Christmas lunch: everyone is invited!