Notes To Our Elders

In the face of a pandemic that has been especially hard on some of the most cherished members of our society, the Community of Sant'Egidio wishes to overcome the pain of loneliness and isolation. While currently we are not able to visit our elderly friends living in nursing homes, letters and cards are concrete signs of our love and friendship.

Sant’Egidio has been building bridges between generations since 1972, when the young people of the founding community in Rome got to know older people living in the neighborhoods of Primavalle, Garbatella, and Trastevere. In the United States, the alliance with elders has been at the center of the Community's life, serving as the starting point for many of our local communities.

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Helpful Tips for Note Writing

Be friendly and encouraging – your note will certainly bring a smile to someone’s face.
Simple phrases such as “We are thinking of you” and “We hope this note brightens your day” are good ways to express your support.

Write in large print – many of our friends have poor eyesight and may struggle to read small handwriting.

If you'd like to encourage your pal to write you back, we invite you to include a self-addressed and postmarked return envelope. While we can't guarantee they'll write back - this will certainly make it easier!

Feel free to include photos of yourself, your neighborhood, a scenic natural image, or a familiar landmark in your city. If you have young children, invite them to help you by drawing a picture! Anything that provides a connection to others and to the larger community is great!

Notes To Our Elders