End of the School Year – School of Peace

End of Year Celebration at the School of Peace in the Bronx, NY 

It was with great joy that almost 40 gathered on June 26 to celebrate the end of the school year at the School of Peace in the Bronx. This year was a challenging year for all us, but there is no doubt that the children were of those that suffered the most. For this reason it has been a privilege, a joy, and a pride for us to have been able to have the School of Peace every Saturday. While it was a trying year, together, we were able to make it through. 

From online Zoom tutoring sessions to outdoor masked games, we found a way to remain close and remind one another that our friendship mattered, that we would not abandon one another.

As we conclude a beautiful year, we prepare ourselves for a different kind of summer, but always together. For more information on how to help the children of the School of Peace in the summer or in preparation for next year, please reach out at