Christmas 2022

Sant’Egidio at Christmas with the poor and lonely to restore hope to the world

A strong message of solidarity and peace was felt across the United States this year, as our communities celebrated Christmas. From our newest communities in Miami and Chicago to our oldest in New York, hundreds of people gathered to share a meal together. It was a Christmas of hope in a time marked by the crisis and war in Ukraine, with all its consequences.

Many wonderful words and memories were exchanged. “At our Christmas table no one is excluded. We know that Jesus was excluded, that there was not room for him to be born, but today with the community we say that there is room for him and for everyone, for all,” shared Paola Piscitelli, President of Sant’Egidio in New York. And from our friends that joined us, an overwhelming demonstration of love and appreciation. As one friend from the street said, “at Sant’Egidio there is no top or bottom because we are all at the top!”

Our lunches joined the many others that have already happened around the world (Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America) and will continue in the coming festive days. For more images and news on the Christmas lunches around the world visit

Many more good wishes in this #Christmasforall from the Community of Sant’Egidio.

Chicago, Il
Miami, Fl
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New York, NY