Picnic in Central Park

A Celebration for All

As we do every year, the Community of Sant’Egidio in New York gathered for a summer picnic in Central Park.

Our friends from the street, the kids of the School of Peace and the Youth for Peace, together with many others from various avenues, gathered to enjoy the day and show that being together is joyful and our friendship is stronger than the many challenges of our city.

New York has been facing a growth in the number of homeless men and women, and the media is full of scare tactics and messages that isolate and point people against one another. Our friendships remind us that “together is better” and that together we can face challenges we would be unable to on our own. 

We have been together in New York City for many years, and from the oldest friend to the one who arrived this year all felt the welcome and warmth of a real family.