Washington DC: A Sant’Egidio delegation meets with the representatives of US Administration

impagliazzo_con_Pomper_senior_assistant_ObamaA delegation of the Community of Sant’Egidio led by Marco Impagliazzo, President of the Community, met with representatives of the US Administration on issues of peace in Africa, migration, and protection of minorities in the Middle East. The meetings were organized by the Office of Community in Washington, that for three years has ensured relations with the US administration.

With Stephen Pomper, Special Assistant of President Obama for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights (pictured right), various issues were discussed: in particular, the present crisis in Burundi, on which the Sant’Egidio has been working for some time, and the situation of minorities in Syria. The delegation also met with USAID, which has addressed the issue of immigration and how to facilitate the journey of refugees from war-torn countries to Europe, the State Department, with the heads of the Office of Religions and Global Affairs, and with the office responsible for the protection of religious minorities. Particular appreciation was expressed by the US Administration for the Community’s actions towards peace in Burundi and for the program of support to refugees through the initiative of the humanitarian corridors.