Stories of Our Elderly

Stories of Our Elderly

When we met Anne she was on her wheelchair, paralyzed on her left side because of a very serious stroke. In spite of her serious condition she was quite strong and pushed herself around: she would know whatever was happening on the floor, the good and the bad, and all about the people who were living there with her.

Anne would come regularly to our prayer and enjoy the company of others. A woman who worked a lot and never married, Anne was able to care and build very meaningful relationship that meant a lot for her and for others. She had several family members who she heard regularly and lifelong friends that she formed through our visits. Anne was the miracle of life. Notwithstanding her difficult life and tough character, she was able to gather people of different worlds and characters around her.

Through a lottery at Cabrini she “won” the possibility to have a brand new apartment at a new senior residence with 24/7 aid. At the beginning Anne did not know what to do, but after faithful accompaniment with us, she was able to agree to leave Cabrini Nursing Home and move into her new place.

Anne lived at home until she became quite ill and had to go to the hospital – where she was still accompanied by daily visits from her friends. In her last days she expressed her deep appreciation of the visits and interest of people. She was surrounded by people, the miracle of a life loved in a special way by the Lord who gave her company and friends till the last day of her life.

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