Stories of Our Elderly

Stories of Our Elderly

We begin our stories with Margie, one of the first we met in New York A strong, 74 year-old woman at the time, who went to visit her brother every day at the nursing home we visited and prayed at. 27 years later, at 101, Margie is a rock of the New York community and a grandmother to all.

Margie was born in New York and 101 years later still lives at home in Manhattan. A working woman her entire life, Margie taught many of us the importance and dignity of work. A woman of deep faith, she has always been an example of how to live every moment of your life for others. Unable to care for her ill brother, she had little choice but the nursing home, but she never left him alone – visiting him every day. Even after he passed away, Margie returned to the center, remaining a friend to many other elderly around her.

She has a beautiful memory, sustained by a desire to encounter and get to know people, that keeps those she has met in her thoughts and prayers. 

We look forward to the day that we can embrace Margie again and create more beautiful memories together.

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